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Frequently Asked Questions
1. How do I apply for a claim and what documents do I need to complete the process?
2. What if there is a delay in claim intimation or claim documentation?
3. What is the timeline for submitting claim documentation?
4. How can I download the claims form?
5. What are pages need to fill on claim form?
6. What is the claim intimation procedure in case of a non-network hospital?
1. How do I apply for a claim and what documents do I need to complete the process? - +

You will need the following to successfully complete the filing of a claim:

a. A claims form which has been duly completed and signed by the claimant.

b. KYC documents of the insured person in case of a cashless claim and proposer in case of a reimbursement claim.

c. Self-attested copy of a valid age proof (passport / driving license /PAN card / class X certificate / birth certificate).

d. Self-attested copy of an identity proof (passport / driving license /PAN card / voter identity card).

e. Self-attested copy of an address proof (passport / driving license / voter identity card)

f. A recent passport size photograph.

g. A cancelled cheque/ bank statement / copy of passbook mentioning account holder’s/nominee’s name (in case of death of policyholder) IFSC code and account number.

h. The original discharge summary.

i. Some additional documents which will be required in case of surgery/surgical procedure: original surgical notes, pre-anaesthesia check-up report, barcode sticker and invoice for implants and prosthesis (if used) and indoor case paper/OT notes.

j. An original bill from the hospital with the detailed break-up as well as the paid receipt.

k. Room tariff of the entitled room category (in case of a non-network provider): duly signed and stamped by the hospital.

l. The original bills of the medicines/pharmaceuticals purchased. Also required for any other investigation done outside the hospital along with reports and requisite prescriptions.

m. A copy of the death certificate (in case of demise of the insured person).

n. In case of medico-legal cases (MLC) or accidents- MLC/First Information Report (FIR) copy attested by the concerned hospital / police station or original self-narration of incident in absence of MLC / FIR.

 o. The original first consultation paper (in case illness is diagnosed for the first time).

p. The original laboratory investigation, diagnostic & pathological reports with supporting prescriptions.

q. The original X-Ray/ MRI / ultrasound films and other radiological investigations.

Is this in place of the insured person or is this a separate document of its own?