What makes Heartbeat the perfect product for Indian families?
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What makes Heartbeat the perfect product for Indian families?

Max Bupa Health Insurance

08 October 2020

Max Bupa’s Heartbeat is a great option to insure all your loved ones under the umbrella of a single health insurance plan. Here’s why you should invest in a Heartbeat plan to  secure your family health and financial future.

You can cover up to 19 relationships

Having a large family doesn’t mean you should buy multiple health insurance plans to secure everybody’s health. Heartbeat is your one-stop health plan for large or small families with coverage for up to 19 relationships. It covers hospitalisation, cashless OPD treatments and even alternative treatments (like ayurveda, unani treatments among others) to make sure you get the care that you need. The plan also offers enrolment at any age, making it perfect for every large Indian family.


You get maternity and new-born benefits

Maternity and childbirth can be an expensive affair. Not to mention the expenses right after the baby is born. But with Heartbeat, that will be a little easier on your pocket as it not only covers maternity but also a new-born baby’s health right from birth till the end of the policy year at no additional cost. The baby can be permanently added to the plan at the time of next renewal.

Childcare benefits

We understand how important your child’s health is for your peace of mind. So, the Heartbeat health insurance plan, covers specified vaccination expenses for your insured child till the age of 12. The plan also covers consultation for nutrition and growth provided to the child during a visit for vaccination.


International treatment

More people in the family means more travelling and if you are the ones to travel abroad, then more chances of falling sick outside India. That won’t be a problem with Max Bupa’s Heartbeat health insurance plan as it offers coverage for treatment outside India too. The procedures covered internationally can be anything from a small stroke to coronary artery bypass graft or cancer treatment. You can get all the details in the policy wordings. So, rest easy and travel worry-free.


No limit on hospital room rent

You only want the best for your family and so do we. We know that while receiving treatment or recovering at the hospital, you’d want maximum comfort for your loved ones, so Heartbeat offers coverage for all room category to the insured family members along with cashless treatment. It allows you to focus on getting better and leave all your concerns about finances behind you.


Loyalty additions


Are you worried about heavy premiums? Don’t worry because we got you covered here too. We reward our customers for their invaluable loyalty with sum insured enhancement. Under this benefit, you can get 10% more sum insured every year up to 100% of your base sum insured. Just make sure you renew the policy without any breaks.


We all have different priorities while looking for health insurance. Parents, children, grandparents could all have various needs. With Heartbeat, you can stop worrying about your loved ones’ health, and focus on the quality of care they get.

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